Monday, November 14, 2011

Practice Blog?

I suppose that I will start this practice blog by saying I have not done any outside practiced. When I say no outside practice I mean none. I haven’t been physically practicing, haven’t actively planting positive seeds, and I haven’t read my memoir. The only kind of “practice” I have accomplished this past week is keeping my room somewhat clean and I have stop negative thoughts from completely paralyzing me. Well actually I take that back I haven’t done a full fledge routine but I have practice my alignment. Since most of time this week as been spent in bed, when I am lying on my side, my feet make a ninety degree angle and my toes spread (not to mention I make sure my buttock flesh is down). When I am lying on my often do hip openers or tadasana lying down. Whenever I am sitting in a chair my spine is straight and whenever possible both feet are on the ground (that doesn’t happen often). So I suppose my practice this week consisted of me working on my alignment (I know that technically doesn’t count but it makes me feel better). Practice last Tuesday was intense; when I suggested we do dancer pose I had no idea what I was getting us into. That being said I will not suggest any other poses; speaking of poses I opened Light On Yoga this weekend and he isn’t smiling. I mean I know that technically isn’t that important but his frown is very prominent (all I can think wow you should relax your face and smile). Once I got over his frown I notice all the different ways your feet can bend and how compact your body can become. Even though I haven’t practiced intensely I can’t wait to try some of those moves and making the crazy face expressions. Just so you know when I am a certified yoga instructor(much later in life), I want to see if I can offer free classes in places like delinquent center, youth center, or jail…basically places and people who wouldn’t normally be expose to yoga.

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