Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yoga, coffee, and blog writing.....OMG it feels good to be back.

So about thirty minute ago I finished the first real practice I have executed in about a month.......maybe month and a half. It felt so nice but so different from practicing at school. For instance I have two dogs....they a big enough to be outside dogs but my mom couldn't bare the thought and neither could anyone else. Anyway so I am in wide-legged stance and Smoke, the youngest, wants to lick me in my face, legs, and feet while Velvet just sits in front of my ace with his eyebrow raised(yeah he is a human in a dog's body). So for obvious reasons I had to put them outside....which helped a little aside from the fact that they decided to scratch on the door throughout the whole practice. Also I miss my professors face and her ability to make us laugh. Anyway I just felt like blogging would complete the experience.

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